The Biggest Crime of All



There’s seemingly no end in sight as our “commander in chief” – who still gets his orders from God and/or his “gut feeling” – continues to “stay the course” (with the latest buzzword, “surge”).  In doing so, Bush and company continue to perpetuate what should be considered the biggest crime of all, namely war. 


I have written about this subject before, but I feel compelled to repeat some of my words.   This March will mark the fourth anniversary of our invasion of Iraq. Look what has happened during this time:




A lot of people have compared this to Vietnam.  I would agree only in part.  At least in Vietnam we were able to see for ourselves some of the horrors of war.  Today, with censorship of the news run amok, we don’t see the blood and the body bags.  About all we hear from our leaders are stupid statements like “stay the course.” The war in Iraq is, of course, more than about oil, for it is part of what has been labeled as the “Imperial Grand Strategy” (as noted by Noam Chomsky in his Hegemony or Survival).  This involves the “right” of the US to engage in “preventive war” whenever it feels like it. Such a goal is to prevent any challenge to the “power, position, and prestige of the United States.”  Actually, these words were not from any member of the Bush team (and not Chomsky’s either), but rather were stated by Dean Acheson (who served as Secretary of State in the 1940s and was one of the chief architects of the “Cold War”)) in 1963.  These general aims go back even further, to the early days of World War II, when high-level planners inside Washington were putting together strategies to use after the war, specifically to engage in “an integrated policy to achieve military and economic supremacy for the United States.”


Such ideas were already being developed during World War II by various “study groups” within the State Department and the Council on Foreign Relations as they were developing plans for what they called the “Grand Area” of the world that was to be subordinated to the needs of American corporations.  What was this “Grand Area”?  Virtually the entire world, but especially the Middle East (with all its energy resources) and the Third World, which was to “fulfill the major function as a source of raw materials and a market” for capitalist societies, according to a 1949 State Department memo written by George Kennan. The “grand arena” has evolved into the “Imperial Grand Strategy.”  The invasion of Iraq is merely the latest escapade of this plan (recently embellished by the “Project for the New American Century” – type this title on Google and see for yourself).


            In closing I would like to add one more note: if you are among the minority that still supports this war, I suggest that you go down to the local recruiter’s office, sign up for service and demand to be sent to Iraq. You want war, get the hell out of here and hop on that military plane! If you think we are bringing “democracy” to Iraq (one among many justifications for the invasion), then buy a plane ticket, take your note pad or your tape recorder and go to Iraq and start talking to people at random.  Or at the very least, read something other than the mainstream press or listen to something other than Fox News. 


It is time to bring this crime to a close and bring home the soldiers.  And it would not be a bad idea to begin prosecuting those who caused this crime. We’d better do this soon, for the next mission may be Iran or other countries already marked with a bulls-eye.


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