The illegals are coming, the illegals are coming!


I have been in a criminologist for over 30 years and one of the many things I have learned over the years is that violating the multitude of laws that exist in this country is normal and this applies especially to the corporate world, whether small businesses or huge multinationals.   


Now you have heard of crimes like “aiding and abetting” or “accessory to a crime” and similar offenses.  Well, thousands of American businesses (esp. in California) are guilty of this, as they “aid and abet” the crossing of the border of thousands of “illegal immigrants” each day.  How else did you get that salad on your plate!


They come across the border in droves to do what?  Survive, support their families, crammed together by the dozens in small dwellings or squeezed into pickup trucks, etc.  Of course one of the keys to this is the fact that businesses, being part of an economic system that is constantly seeking to make a profit, are trying their best to compete and lower costs.  And what is included in the term “cost”?  We learned years ago that one of the biggest “costs” is what we call “labor.”  The less business pays workers, the more profit they make.  It’s as simple as that. Wall Street celebrates when unemployment goes up or when a company announces greater profits by “cutting costs,” “restructuring,” etc.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the ledger, workers are trying the exact same thing.  No surprise there. Then there are the millions of “consumers” like us who, like businesses, are seeking the same kind of thing: lower prices (like “costs” within a business, except this “business” is a family).  It always amuses me when I hear complaints about all those “illegal aliens” destroying the economy, committing crimes, ruining the “American way of life” when each and every one of us contributes in our own ways (e.g., just by eating a salad!). 


Such a convenient scapegoat, these “illegals.”  And what is a "scapegoat"?  The little Webster's dictionary on my desk says: “one who bears the blame for the mistakes of others.”  We all have heard of the origins of this, something about some ancient people who killed a goat as a sacrifice for their sins.  Now we have all these folks (with organizations like the Center for Immigration Studies) going after these scapegoats, all the while using them as a sort of cover-up to the folks who are really ripping us off, namely big business.  A very convenient system they have going for them and it must have been devised by some good con men - like those marketing folks or ad agencies who think of ways to mislead or rather “leading” the buying public to the water trough.  Like Wal-Mart, which is knee-deep in this scheme, as they are constantly lowering prices (with a cute ad featuring some cartoon character with a scissors) because, as I said above, people want lower prices.  But then, in one of those other ironic twists of this incredible system, turn around and pay such low wages that they have little choice but to shop at Wal-Mart.  And the customers are always so happy doing it (along with the smiling faces that greet them at the door - have you noticed that many of these smiling faces are senior citizens who are just happy to have some extra income?).


Then they all turn around and blame the illegals!  After all, how could they do anything else, since they are constantly listening to such smooth talkers on TV like Bill O'Reilly and company at Pravda (oops, sorry I meant to say Fox) News and all the politicians who get their information from “Think Tanks” like CIS.  What a great system!


Not too long ago, the California legislature voted to allow these “illegals” to have drivers’ licenses.  Of course it was vetoed, since everyone knows that each and every one of those crossing the border will immediately buy a car and start committing crimes!  Or they will aid “terrorists.”  But wait a minute, I just thought of something.  Most of those committing the bulk of “street crimes” (in contrast to “suite crimes”) don't even have enough money to drive a car and if they need transportation they will just steal one!  Take a look at the background characteristics of the typical offender crowding the nation's jails and courts.  Upon their arrest, about all they had was literally the shirt on their backs - and many didn't even have that for, as you know from all of those pictures on TV and in the papers, those early morning raids looking for drugs, illegal aliens, etc. constantly find the suspects sleeping and no one sleeps with their shirts on.


Don't misunderstand me here, for I am not saying that none of those coming across the border are completely innocent.  There is a lot of research dating back about 100 years documenting the high crime rates of immigrants.  But the main causes of such high rates of crime include a lot of variables associated with new arrivals - culture clashes, difficulty finding work, problems with adjusting, etc.  Once they become assimilated and find work, etc. their crime rate goes down.


Well, I've said enough for now.  For now, the sun is up and it is time for me to go outside and work with my outside plants (re-potting, etc.), then go to the nursery and buy some new flowers, along with some of that good dirt you use to plant with (mulch, etc.) and other items, all of which are made possible by those “illegal aliens” coming across the border and destroying the “American way of life.”  And what is the “American way of life”?  Buying cheap stuff, made possible by all those “illegal aliens” whom we love to hate!  What a country!




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