Research Articles

War:  The Ultimate Crime (1/22/04)

Troubles in the CYA Nothing New (2/10/04)

Zero Tolerance Run Amok (2/29/04)

Three Strikes Goes Down Looking (3/8/04)

Drug War Update (3/20/04)

Another Casualty in the War on Drugs (3/22/04)

Who Are the Real Drug Traffickers? (3/24/04)

Another Victim Of The War On Terrorism (4/29/04)

Haiti: Another Example of "State Crime" (4/21/04)

Criminal Justice Reforms In Brazil (5/2/04)

Give Peace a Chance (5/04/04)

The Let's Kick Ass and Take Names Mentality (5/12/04)

Connecting the Dots (5/16/04)

The Globalization of Social Control (5/28/04)

Surprise, Surprise, County Jail Filled to Capacity (6/11/04)

Trafficking in Prisoners: Forerunners of the Modern Prison Industrial Complex (6/29/04)

Guest Commentary: Conditioned Stupid (7/3/04)

Drug War Update II (7/10/04)

Above the Law (8/9/04)

Conservatives Don't Get It (8/29/04)

Let Them Eat Dog Food

How Many Deaths will it Take (9/8/04)

Republican States Tough on Crime, but Soft on Results  (9/21/04)

Punishment, American Style (9/28/04)

Three Strikes Works?(9/28/04)

Colliding Worldviews (10/25/04)

Four More Years (11/4/04)

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

The Peterson Case (11/16/04)

No Closure (12/7/04)

Iraq, Inc. (12/11/04)

Republicans and the Battered Woman Syndrome (12/16/04)

End of the Year Drug War Update (12/26/04)

What is a “Crime” and Who is a “Criminal”? (12/28/04)

Special Commentary: Letter from a Birmingham Jail (1/17/05)

Same War, Different Day (1/21/05)

The illegals are coming, the illegals are coming! (2/7/05)

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day, Part II (2/12/05)

Nevada’s Prison Woes: Same Story, Different Day (2/25/05)

Martha’s Free, But What About the Others? (3/4/05)

We’re the Tough Guys, Part I

Clark County Jail is Overcrowded: Déjà vu (4/10/05)

Guest Commentary:
Slavery By Any Other Name

He’s a ‘Good Kid’ (4/21/05)

Visit to Coroner’s Office is Old Wine in New Bottles (4/23/05)

Jails and prisons overflowing: staggering (5/5/05)

Handcuffing a Five-Year Old: What’s Next, Two-Year Olds? (5/5/05)

Where’s the Outrage? (5/31/05)

Beware of the “Pregnancy Police”

Drug War Update: The Renee Boje Case and Others Forms of Insanity (6/24/05)

Habitual Criminals in High Places (6/29/05)

Why Does the South Execute the Most? (7/18/05)

Collapse (8/13/05)

Religion and Crime Policies (8/26/05)

Nevada Pot Policy a Bust

Race and Class Matters: the Case of Katrina

What is a “Serious Crime”? (9/17/05)

Judge Judy for Supreme Court Justice

2,000 and Counting: The Crime Continues

End of Year Drug War Update(12/9/05)

Did Killing Williams Make a Difference? (12/13/05)

War in Iraq is a Costly Crime (1/20/06)

Drugs, Alcohol and Crime (2/26/06)

Women’s prisons are overcrowded: surprise, surprise

More Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day (3/29/06)

Drug War Myths (4/14/06)

The Myth of the “new” Violent Girl (5/30/06)

How the Drug War Targets Women (7/14/06)

Meth scare and prison (8/3/06)

Cashing in on “Border Security” (8/28/06)

Support Question 7 (9/15/06)

Cracking Down on Sex Offenders (9/22/06)

Getting Smart instead of Getting Tough (2/8/07)

The Biggest Crime of All (1/21/07)

An Infamous Anniversary (11/15/06)

Notes of a Frustrated Academic (11/29/06)

Random Thoughts on a Hot Summer Day (8/19/07)

Arming Faculty is Nonsense (7/21/07)

The Return of the Chain Gang (7/12/07)

What is a Crime? 6/21/07)

Ignoring Prostitution: Human Trafficking and Nevada  (5/18/07)

Swimming Upstream (3/3/07)

Taboo subjects in the primaries (2/4/08)

Updating the Drug War (12/17/07)

Denying that Racism Exists (11/30/07)

Providing a Balance – the Conservative View of Crime and Criminal Justice (11/1/07)

A punishing god (9/17/07)

Merry Christmas to Bailout Recipients, Bah humbug to the rest of us (12/24/08)

The Day After: Reflections on an Improbable Victory (11/10/08)

Who are the Real Wealth Redistributors and Socialists? (10/31/08)

Most Americans Want a "New, New Deal" (9/11/08)

Do “Liberal” Professors “Indoctrinate” Students? (5/5/08)

War’s Price Tag (3/30/08)

Are Criminals “Sick”? (3/3/08)

Children of the War (12/8/09)

Year-end War on Drugs Update: Same Story, Different Year (12/7/09)

Life sentences for kids (11/12/09)

Corporations vs. ACORN  (11/11/09)

Criminalizing Poverty (8/24/09)

Getting Tough on Kids Under 13  (8/17/09)

The Real Bad Guys (4/12/09)

Fix the prisons?  (4/5/09)

Close Summit View (2/18/10)

Guest Commentary by Noam Chomsky:

The Corporate Takeover of U.S. Democracy (2/5/10)

Chicago School Sociology is Alive and Well at the LA Times (1/27/10)

The Corporation is a "Person" (1/26/10)

Haiti’s 9/11 (1/20/10)

Media distortions of youth crime (1/9/10)

Children Left Behind (12/11/10)

Prison Crisis Goes All the Way to the Supreme Court (12/5/10)

After All, it is a War, isn’t it? (10/25/10)

California's Proposition 19: Will the Drug Warriors Win Again? (10/23/10)

Fear in America (10/11/10)

Recession Affecting the Prison System  (10/10/10)

Racial Bias and Certification (9/4/10)

Brewer, Arpaio and CCA (9/3/10)

Profits Before People (8/22/10)

Abusing Kids at Home (8/19/10)

The $100,000 bed (5/15/10)

An Epidemic of Abuse Inside Juvenile Institutions (4/9/10)

More Abuse in Youth Prisons (3/9/10)

Education as Crime Prevention (3/24/11)

Imprisonment Binge Comes Home to Roost (2/7/11)

Tucson and the Gun Culture (1/13/11)

Brewer, Barbour and Justice (1/10/11)

Release the Real Low Risk Prisoners (6/13/11)

Corporate Tax Cheaters, Part II (6/2/11)

Schools Still Safest Places for Kids (5/17/11)
Education is Irrelevant to the GOP (4/26/11)
Where’s the Outrage? (4/24/11)
Corporate Tax Cheaters (3/25/11)

Privatization of Juvenile Justice Comes Home to Roost
The Casey Anthony Case and the Media Frenzy: What About all the Others? (7/22/11)

Give me that old time religion III (9/30/11)

Give Me That Old Time Religion II (9/20/11)

Formal Juvenile Justice Processing Makes Matters Worse  (9/13/11)

Give Me That Old Time Religion: Cruel and Usual Punishment inside Christian Homes for Troubled Teens (9/7/11)

Wall Street is Without a Doubt a Gang(1/21/12)

Is Wall Street a Gang, Part IV? (12/13/11)

Is Wall Street a Gang? Part III  (11/29/11)
Is Wall Street a Gang? Part II
Is Wall Street a Gang? Part I  (10/23/11)

Gun Nuts Run Amok (12/15/12)

Legalized Pot and Easing of ‘Three Strikes’ Law Mark Unique Election (11/8/12)

Romney, the 47% and Juvenile Justice (10/2/12)

Jails and the Bail Industry (9/25/12)

Race and Pot (7/24/12)

The Gateway Myth (7/17/12)

Slavery’s Legacy Alive and Well in Louisiana (6/24/12)

America the Unequal (5/23/12)

Class Counts (5/6/12)

The Trayvon Martin Case is Nothing New (3/23/12)

School Discipline and the Prison Pipeline (3/15/12)

And the Rich Get Richer (3/8/12)

Cops in Schools (2/12/12)

Standing While black (12/3/13)

The Storm Has Arrived: Veterans in the Criminal Justice System (11/15/13)

Profits Over Kids (10/31/13)

Easing CA Prison Crisis via Private Prisons a Bad Idea (9/4/13)

Guns: A Reign of Terror, Part II (8/26/13)

Guns: a Reign of Terror (8/15/13)

War on Drugs and Race (6/10/13)

America is Ranked 29th in Child Well-Being (4/24/13)

The Boston Bombings (4/23/13)

Meanness and Violence (4/18/13)

The rich get richer while everyone else struggles (3/4/13)

Debtor's Prisons Alive and Well (2/4/13)
























Resurrecting Radical Non-intervention (3/1/04)

Assessing "Broken Windows" Theory (3/29/04)

Why Are We So Punitive? (3/10/04)

It's More Profitable To Treat The Disease Than To Prevent It (4/15/04)

The New American Apartheid (6/18/04)

Making Profit out of Human Misery (8/22/04)

Family & Delinquency
The Failure of Youth Prisons

What Does the Criminal Justice System Look Like? A Critical Examination (1/17/05)

The Waiver of Juveniles to Criminal Court: Judicial Discretion and Racial Disparity

Juveniles and the Death Penalty (3/1/05)

Racial Disparities and the Drug War (12/9/05)

Slavery in the Third Millennium (5/17/05)

From Houses of Refuge to ‘Youth Corrections’: Same Story, Different Day

Controlling the Dangerous Classes: The Case of Immigrants (4/15/06)

Imprisonment and Crime Rates (3/12/07)

Girls and Juvenile Justice Reform (4/7/08)

Reforming Nevada’s Prison System (4/7/08)

Guest writer Donna Point: Debating the USA PATRIOT Act (2/5/08)

Sentencing Patterns, the War on Drugs and Women  (4/26/09)