NEW!!  San Diego region has become hub of gang-controlled prostitution rings



Merging schools with rival gangs creates problems in East LA


Still don't believe Wall Street is a gang?  Read this: 9 Wall Street Execs Who Cashed in on the Boom—and the Bust and this: 3 Ways Elites Rig the System


Further proof that Wall Street is a "gang": Biggest Public Firms Paid Little US Tax, Study Says


"Urban Legends" about gangs

"Homeboy Industries" Making a Comeback. Read the entire story.

Massive police raid targets brutal LA gang

Retired chef caught up in gang sweep

Gang injunction splits a San Fernando Valley community

Minorities make up bulk of defendants in gang cases, court review finds

Los Angeles park lights send gang activity into the shadows

Go to this web site for myth-shattering facts provided by the Justice Policy Institute:

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Gangs in Los Angeles – A Series of stories