Inequality in America

This page is devoted to presenting the latest data on the growing inequality in American society.  It is without a doubt a major cause of crime and should be considered when considering solutions.

One of the best links on inequality in recent years:


Someone quoted Anatole France: Equality before the law doesn’t mean justice will be done

What You Absolutely Must Understand About How Poverty Impacts Education

The Crime of Poverty: 'Some Sort of Hell': How One of the Wealthiest Cities in America Treats Its Homeless

wo recent stories about corporate welfare:

The ‘Makers’ and the ‘Takers’

Fortune 100 Companies Have Received a Whopping $1.2 Trillion in Corporate Welfare Recently

Jails Have Become Warehouses for the Poor, Ill and Addicted, a Report Says

 Two Stories About Wealth Distribution


Obama and Friends Discover Inequality

This is why we need peer review: Austerity: Planned Poverty

Point, Counterpoint on Inequality

11 Jobs Where an Honest Day's Work Earns You Poverty

Incredible data on inequality:

Five Ugly Extremes of Inequality in America

Special report on the "working poor":

Victims of the Recession: New Report Shows 1 in 45 Children Are Homeless Annually, a 38% Increase Since 2007

Who are the "1%"?  Read this by Paul Krugman: Oligarchy, American Style; then check the report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO):

The rich get richer: new report on CEO compensation "GMI Pay Survey Reveals
Real CEO Compensation at Big Firms Rose 36% in 2010":

SEC details lawsuits against ex-Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac executives

Two stories on wealth gap:

    Wealth gap widens: Whites' net worth is 20 times that of blacks

     Recovering US job market is leaving black men behind

US poverty totals hit a 50-year high

        Meanwhile: The Rich Get Tax Breaks for Destroying Jobs? How the Capital Gains Tax Helps the Wealthy and Hurts the Rest of Us

Are We In the Process of Creating a New and Enduring American Underclass?

 2011 was a record year for the world's billionaires

Amazing new data: How the Rich Soaked the Rest of Us

Half of US Children Will Get Food Stamps

US poverty rate hit 11-year high in 2008

The Recession’s Racial Divide

Series on Poverty by the New York Times, written by Barbara  Ehrenreich

See related study by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty:

Super-rich pay less in taxes than the rest of us.  See this report:

Tax the wealthy?  See these articles: Taxing the Wealthy

The Reagan Question: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Eight Years Ago?

Exposing the Un-Democratic Face of Capitalism by Noam Chomsky


In the following link you will find important data and articles:

Other links:


News Stories

As income gap widens, recession fears grow

Children and Poverty - a series of articles

Inequality can be seen in the court system.  See the following story about the public defender's office in Las Vegas: Reasonable doubt

Wobbled by Wealth?

Whatever Happened to the Good Life?

Deregulating the American Dream


US Falls to No 15 in Average Worker Income