Mission Statement


The purpose of this web site is to provide a perspective on crime, justice and related topics that is rarely provided in the mainstream media.  I have been an academic criminologist for over 30 years and during this time I have been confronted with a wide variety of perspectives on the subject of crime and justice.  Among the lessons I have learned over the years is that one cannot begin to understand crime and criminal justice without also examining such issues as social inequality, racism, sexism, politics, economics, and history. Moreover, we must not restrict ourselves to the study of conventional crimes, like homicide, burglary, robbery, etc.  Rather, we need to provide equal, if not more, coverage to such harmful behaviors as corporate crime, white collar crime, crimes of the state and the closely related subjects of war and terrorism. The discussion of these issues is what you will find in this web site. 


On this site you will find some hard-hitting commentaries on the nature of crime and our response to the problem. Current commentaries will be listed under the heading "commentaries." Among the specific topics to be discussed include the police, juvenile justice, prisons, social inequality, war and terrorism A great deal of emphasis will be placed on what many have called the “crime control industry.”  Such an industry – consisting of both public and private institutions – seems to have a vested interest in perpetuating crime.  Indeed, crime means jobs and profits.  It is not unlike the “military industrial complex,” which is why some prefer the term “criminal justice industrial complex.”  Whatever term is used, this is a huge and constantly growing industry.  Another major focus will be the "war on drugs." This policy, ostensibly established to reduce drug abuse, instead has aggravated the problem and created many new problems, not the least of which is an ever-expanding prison system and the targeting of the poor and racial minorities.  Additionally, I will provide research articles, books and links to related web sites.  Suggested remedies will also be presented.