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NEW New Program Takes Rare Approach of Treating Homeless People Like Human Beings—And It Works

Systemic Reforms

A Conservative Case for Prison Reform

From the Sentencing Project: "Recommendations for Juvenile Justice Reform"-

A skid row project that deserves a chance

Economic Policy Institute's "American Jobs Plan":

Another "New Deal" idea who's time has come: The Jobs Imperative 

Raising revenue by closing loopholes and making big corporations and Wall Street pay the same in taxes as average citizen.  Result: $100 billion increase in revenues that could easily fund health care for everyone:

Related articles about taxing the wealthy: Taxing the Wealthy

A New Progressive Era?

Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline

The Need to “Think Out of the Box”

Confronting Substance Abuse: A Series of Articles

Drug Rehabilitation or Revolving Door?

Study Finds Drug Treatment is Cost-Effective Alternative to Prison

What Maryland is doing about drug abusers in the criminal justice system:

Mentally Ill Offenders

Mentally ill prisoners get a second chance

Policy Changes

Policy Briefs from the Justice Policy Institute

Homeboy Industries (a program for ex-gang members): go to this web site:

        See related story: Now the giant awakes

        Update: L.A.'s Homeboy Industries lays off most employees


Some Modest Proposals to Reduce Crime

A Road Map to Prevention

Good Intentions or Planned Failures?

An Assessment of the Detention Diversion Advocacy Project

  The Detention Diversion Advocacy Project and Girls

A Sensible Approach: Gender-Responsive Strategies for Female Offenders

Reentry Programs

Mental health court seen as example for state

Taking a different path

Reforming Prisons

Delancey Street (operated by ex-cons in San Francisco) web site:

Insight Prison Project:

Reentry Programs:

Restorative Justice Section

Two stories on Restorative Justice

Grieving mother hopes motion for mercy will prevail

Women Offenders

New!!!  Court program helps women turn their lives around

A Sensible Approach: Gender-Responsive Strategies for Female Offenders



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