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Graduate Student Research Papers

Noelle Herring - Do you want Justice with that? A look at the McDonaldization and privatization of the U.S. Criminal Justice System

Debby Cochrane - Meganís Law: Is it Harmful or Helpful to Juvenile Sex Offenders?

Donna Point - Debating the USA PATRIOT Act

Jenell Sutton - Domestic Violence in the United States

Danielle Shields - Supermax Prisons:  The Punitive Extreme of the American Correctional System

Trever Smith - Social Networking Sites:  Helps You Connect and Share with the People Not in Your Life

Wyatt Merritt - The Use of War to Profit

Craig Witt -  Hispanic Immigrants and Crime: The Nonexistent Link

Joe Sarpong - Juveniles, the Internet, and Cybercrime

Jeremy Waller - Zero Tolerance and Zero Patience: Forgetting Forgiveness with Our Nationís Youth

Mayra Figueroa -The Monetary and Social Costs of Mandatory Sentencing Laws

Kristine-Gem Estrella - The Victimization of Asian Americans

Alisa Hagen - Nogales, Mexico: A True Rags to Riches to Regrets Story

Emily Reed - Environmental Racism & Toxic Waste Sites

 Miliaikeala Heen - The Voice of a Victim: The Current State of Victim Impact Statements

Jessie Vargas - Veterans and Mental Illness: The Unfortunate Tragedy

Natalie Martinez - Higher Education and Law Enforcement Careers: Exploring Gender Differences in the Occupational Goals of Criminal Justice Students

Gina Talavera - Corruption of a Sacred Institution: Sexual Abusing Priests

Maciej Borys Jezierski - Mental Health in Nevada and its Detrimental Impact on Criminal Justice

Amy Magnus - Power over the Powerless: The Context of Sexual Violence in Prison, Deficits in the Prison Rape Elimination Act and Authoritarian Perceptions of Victims

Dory Mizrachi - Intimate Partner Homicide Syndrome: Are Women Justified in Killing an Abusive Partner?

Joseph Belmonte - Police Deviance: How Law Enforcement Administrators Can Address Police Misconduct and Corruption

Cathy Tran - Child Labor on Tobacco Farms: The Economy, Health Risks, and the Laws

Daniel Fried-Marcovitch - Using School Related Programs to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency

Olivia Tuttle - Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System: History, Effects of Incarceration, and the Criminal Justice Response

Rachel Ware Stephensen - Wealth Inequality and its Impact

Matthew P. West - Environmental Compliance Decisions in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Communities

Jerrod G. Cronshaw - Contrasting Three Treatment Approaches to Methamphetamine Addiction

Emily Tipsord - PTSD in First Responders   

Luiza V. Modorcea - Is Education Beneficial in Correctional Facilities?

Course Syllabi

Summer, 2019

CRJ 405 syllabus

CRJ 405 Power Points

Introduction - History from a Critical Perspective

Chapter 1 Development of Criminal Law

Chapter 2 Historical Overview of American Policing

Chapter 3  The Courts

Chapter 4 Incarceration

Chapter 5 Juvenile Justice

Chapter 6 Women & the CJ System

        Update: Policing Pregnancy

Chapter 7 - Crime Control Industry

Chapter 8 - Where Do We Go From Here 

Study Guides for Exams

CRJ 405 study guide for first exam

CRJ 405, Study Guide for 2nd Exam

CRJ 405, Final Exam Study Guide





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